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Happy Holy-Days!
Sunday, December 3

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Luke 24
Wednesday, Dec 6

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Happy Holy-Days Gang!

As we all are very much aware of, the Christmas Season is now underway.

And to that end, I would love to have you take a look at (or a listen to) the Study I gave this past Sunday from Nehemiah 8 on this very subject of “Happy Holy-Days!” I truly believe it will bless and refresh your soul.

To take it in, simply click onto the following:

Happy Holy-Days!

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And to make this gift idea even more do-able, we are offering both the MP3 disc set or the flash drive for only $70 each, which is a full 30% off the normal price. But... this offer will be good only until December 21, so order today!

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Finally, we have so very much appreciated your involvement, encouragement, and support this past year. As you know, SearchLight is a 100% listener supported Ministry.

No church, organization, etc. underwrites the cost of this world-wide Ministry. All our funding comes from individual listeners just like you.

And we would so appreciate any of you that might feel so led to share a year-end gift to this endeavor...Thank you for your consideration!

Click here to donate to SearchLight:

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With love and gratitude,


Daily Devotional
December 11
. . . but the just shall live by his faith.
Habakkuk 2:4 (b)
This verse is a key component of New Testament understanding. The just shall live by faith - not puffed up with pride concerning their abilities or spirituality, but solely by faith. For Habakkuk, this was not the theological base of salvation that we understand from Paul when he quotes this verse in Romans and in Galatians, and from the writer to the Hebrews who quotes it in chapter 10. Rather, the context here for Habakkuk deals directly with his own situation specifically. That is, God is saying, “Habakkuk, the Babylonian is proud and puffed up. But the just shall live by faith. You, Habakkuk, are going to live by faith.”

This is the hinge upon which this entire book swings. God is not saying, “You should live by faith,” or “I want you to live by faith,” but “you will live by faith.” He’s saying, “You won’t always have answers to your questions, Habakkuk. You won’t always have solutions to your problems. You are going to live not by intellect, sight, feelings, or touch. You’re going to live by faith. That means, you won’t always know what I’m doing, how I’m working, where I’m going, or why I’m doing what I’m doing. You will live by faith - like it or not!”

“That sounds cruel,” you say.

Not at all.

God says to us throughout Scripture that our physical senses - our eyesight, touch, and hearing - will be irrelevant in the ages to come. Faith is the currency of eternity and He wants us to be rich people. Therefore, He desires us to hear Him with the ears of faith, see Him with the eyes of faith, and touch Him with the hands of faith. He says to us, “I’m not going to appear before you like you want Me to because that won’t do you any good in the ages to come. I want you to be a people who are spiritually developed and the only way I can do that is to force you to walk by faith.”

God is weaning us, gang. Just as a mother lovingly weans her baby, our Father desires to wean us from the sights and sounds and feelings upon which we are so dependent in order that we might grow strong in faith. And since faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1), it’s an entirely different dimension than anything we’ve known.

God says to Habakkuk, “I realize you’re wrestling, but the just shall live by faith. I’m going to help you, Habakkuk, develop spiritually because it will come in handy in the next billion years to come. Let the Babylonians be puffed up with their military plans, their strategy, their economy, their ability - but the just shall live by faith, simply trusting Me.”
This Daily Devotional is an excerpt from the book "A Day of Feasting" by Pastor Jon. "A Day of Feasting" is a collection of 365 short devotions from the Old Testament books of Joshua through Malachi.  If you would like your own copy of "A Day of Feasting" you may click here to go to the SearchLight Store