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June 13

Greet Mary, who bestowed much labour on us.

Romans 16:6

The word ‘labour’ is interesting. The same word is used in Luke 5:5 in reference to the fishermen who toiled all night. It embodies the idea of sweating. Thus, Mary bestowed much ‘sweat’ upon them, if you would. That is, she gave of herself in a labouring type of ministry.

This intrigues me because there are six Marys mentioned in the New Testament. When you think of Mary, you either think of Mary the mother of Jesus, or Mary of Bethany who sat at the feet of Jesus while her sister Martha toiled in the kitchen (Luke 10:42). This Mary, however, is a worker. I wonder if this Mary ever thought, ‘My name is Mary and all these Marys before me were sensitive, ‘sitting at the feet’ kind of ladies, but I’m a labourer. That’s just the way I am.’

I find it’s truly a red letter day in the walk of a believer when he sheds the self imposed pressures or expectations of what he thinks he should be. Oftentimes, we admire someone else, we want to be like someone else, and we put pressure on ourselves to be what we’re not. Great is the day when you realize, ‘Even though my name is Mary, the fact is I’m a get down, get-dirty kind of woman. So I’m just going to be who I am.’

Mary’s name is recorded throughout history as one who was noteworthy because she did what she was made to do, regardless of what the other Marys before her were like. Be who you are and God will use you uniquely.

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